Science Educational Worksheets for Grades 7–12


Science is a vital subject for any student, but many students struggle to learn the many details spanning each sub-discipline. That’s where My Jefferson Academy comes in to help. We offer science worksheets for grades 7–12 as a form of tutoring so that your students can learn all that they need to feel comfortable with science.


Whether you’re home schooling your own children or you’re a teacher who wants to help your class succeed, you’ll find that our science educational worksheets for grades 7–12 are great for anyone.


Build a Solid Foundation of Knowledge


We have created our science worksheets and study program in accordance with the common core, as well as with the Virginia Department of Education. We want our educational program, including our worksheets, to make sure each of our students learns everything they need to in the sciences.


Our worksheets cover the three main sub-categories of science: chemistry, physics, and biology. The worksheets are divided into different grades and different subjects so that you can easily organize them for your students.


For instance, our G7 science sheets — for seventh graders — include worksheets on the properties of water, the properties of carbon, biological molecules, the cell cycle, cell structure and processes, and the chemistry of life.


Each of your students will be wholly prepared to take the ACT or the SAT, and they will have the knowledge they need to be confident in the science section.


Trust Our Experienced Professionals


Our worksheets were created by a PhD with the goal of presenting the sciences in an approachable way. From our in-depth explanations to our examples and practice questions to our answer key, we make sure that everything is clear, helpful, and engaging. So if you have children or students who struggle with math, let them try My Jefferson Academy.


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